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QuickPayPortal which is also known as patient portal is designed and made for patients only to ease their life and save them form a lot of difficulties.
QuickPayPortal is an online payment portal which is launched by Athena health which benefits the patients a lot.
The primary goal of making this website was to accept payment, but there are many other things you can do with the help of this website.
Like you can book an appointment with any doctor and also pay their consultation fees without standing in a queue.
It saves you a lot of time and difficulties of getting an appointment and paying the bills.

What is QuickPayPortal?

QuickPayPortal is a medical application which can be used to do various tasks like booking an appointment or rescheduling it, paying medical or consultancy fees and many more.
Developed by an American company Athena Health it is now used by More than 110 million patients and it is now available for mobile devices also.

How to Use QuickPayPortal?


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Pay Bill Online

If you heard about QuickPayPortal fir the first time then you must be eager to know more about it and know how to use it.
In this article we will tell you in details how to use QuickPayportal which is a safe and secure website whose aim is to help you pay medical bills online easily.
If you are afraid to pay online then you don’t have to worry as it is a very popular medical service portal. It is completely safe and risk free. Only thing you have to take care is you should pay via the official website only.

Here is the detailed process on how to use QuickPayportal
At first you need to visit the official website which is www.Quickpayportal.com
Here you will be asked to enter your QuickPay Code/Statement ID/Access Code after that you will be asked your date of birth and your phone number.
After you enter your details click on sign in button and you will be logged into the portal easily.
You have to keep your QuickPay Code, Statement ID, or Access Code secured as it will be needed to log into this portal so keep it safe and don’t lost it.

If you didn’t get your QuickPay Code, Statement ID, or Access Code or you have lost it then you can lodge a complaint here at http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/complaints/
To pay your bills you have to click on the Billing Tab here you will find all your Medical Bills or Insurance bills which are linked with your Quick Code.
This is where you will find every details like you date of visit, your account balance and Medical Bills or Insurance bills consultation fees dues
Then go to the Recent Charges Payable Online and you have to make sure that the information provided there is accurate.

Select the bill you want to pay online after that click on pay online button.
From there select payment methods like Debit card/credit card/Net Banking.
Fill up your payment details like you do on other shopping sites then click on pay
After you bill is paid you will get an acknowledgment receipt hence your bill is paid.

Offical Site

How to Get QuickPay Code

A QuickPay Code, Statement ID, or Access Code is the most important thing in the whole payment process.
You can’t pay your bills online on this payment portal without QuickPay Code.
QuickPay code is a 15 digits unique identification code necessary to access this portal and make payment.
You will find this unique identification code on your patient billing statement that you received from the medical care.

How To Login QuickPay Portal Using QuickPay code

At first you need to have a QuickPay code which you will find at the patient billing statement you need to keep it safe as anyone can use it to do fraud.
Don’t write it down somewhere as anyone can get it, just see it from the statement and type it on this portal.
Visit Quick Pay’s official portal at https://www.quickpayportal.com/
Here you will be asked to enter your QuickPay code.
Enter your QuickPay code to successfully login into this portal.

What can you do with QuickPayPortal?

These are the following are the tasks can be done online by a patient on this patient portal:

  • Book Appointments Reschedule Appointments
  • Accessing health records
  • View & update personal information
  • One can request prescriptions
  • View Test Result
  • View Medical Bill Statement
  • Pay Medical & consultancy fee online

Video Tutorial for QuickPayPortal


Its very easy to login in Quickpayportal firstly you need to visit there official website and scroll download you will see a option to sign with our email address over there simply enter our email on that box and press the sign in button bellow that.

How to login in Quickpayportal

Yes its will not be bad to say that Quickpayportal is not safe Quickpayportal get over 2 lakhs visitor only from USA and till now no one has made any signal complain for Quickpayportal Service even we tried to used Quickpayportal Website to pay our bills and we faced no problem in terms of service so in this way we can say Quickpayportal is safe enough.

Yes you can your profile information whenever you want. To edit your information you need to log in first then click on my profile tab.
Then go to Athenahealth profile section and edit or update all the information you want.
After updating you can go back to the patient portal by clicking in the back arrow.

Yes QuickPayportal is safe and secure to pay your bills online. You can choose to save your payment details whether you want to save or not.

You can see your account balance under recent charges payable online tab; here you can also see your recent payments along with date and time.

Book appointments, reschedule appointments, accessing health records, view & update personal information, one can request prescriptions, view test result, view medical bill statement and many other things can be done through this portal.

To request an appointment through QuickPayportal you need to compose a message by clicking on the message button.

From the drop down menu select the appointment option.

Select the doctor with whom you want an appointment and the clinic also your preferred date and time of appointment.

Then send the message after typing an appropriate subject for your message.

Final Words

After reading this article you now know that quickpayportal is a safe and secure payment portal from where you can pay your medical bills, book appointments or reschedule them, get to know about the disease from the symptoms and do many things.

Note* We’are not associated with the quick pay portal www.quickpayportal.com or it’s developer resources. This is an unofficial free resource website. We have created this site for educational purpose to help the users.

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